Oh flower flower
Young little flower
Why hath thou decided to prick me with thy thorns ?

Oh young flower 

So little but scared

What has the world done to you young flower ?

Has the world ripped you away from your bed ? 

Or has it bestowed upon you sadness for eternity 

Young flower please be free

Free from wordly hate

And grow to the beautiful flower you are.


We all fight similar battles just camouflaged differently. We all have different cases, different opinions and different lives, don’t judge a man based on his ‘conditions’ or his ‘predicaments’ because we don’t know when our own battle will come, if we will overcome it and if we will come out strong from it.

We can only hope for the best.

Our society 

Our society
Our society is such a mess
The society condemns you

The society moulds you

The society poisons the mind

The society judges you, I don’t see anyone trying to be different, trying to break away from the circle. Everybody is the same. 

Nobody is unique, the society questions you for being different 

The society is the first to praise you over an accomplishment but certainly not the last to kill you over a mistake 

The society expects us to follow every rule, I mean what if I don’t like your rules ? 

I don’t see your rules being relevant ?

The rules are not something I agree with, I am not a rebellion but I am certainly against the fact the rules do not fit the mind sets that we have now, the rules are useless in essence 

The society is corrupt, judgmental and certainly overrated 

Yet again , the society is made of people.


Have you ever just tried showing your true self to someone hoping they’d have a grasp of the person you really are but at the end they turn out to be like everyone else and they do not understand. They are used to seeing the lil’ old happy chap and when you have removed the mask you created just so you don’t get questioned on why you are so depressed or mentally drained from everything probably life itself. 

I do not show you myself so that you pity me I show you so you’d understand me 

You can’t know everything about me by me telling you things, because there is more than what the eye meets and you’d just have to study me to be able to tell the exact person that I hide myself from showing.


Seating beneath the sky of lights

Seeing beyond the pass of life 

Looking forward to a brighter day

Looking forward to a better day

Looking forward to a fulfilled tomorrow 

Appreciating the presence of now 

Forgetting the problems of tomorrow 


I’d like to Change
Change to a better person
Change to someone I can tell that its me
Someone I’m not afraid to show to others

Change to a person free of sorrow, free of despair, free to show the world my colours
Colours , the colours I show now – black , red , blue

Colours represent our lives
We live in colours

Black which shows my fear , my secrets , the biggest and deadliest place of my heart, the part that I forever want to keep away. Away from this destructive world we are in.

Red which represents the lies I’ve told, the judgements I have had casted on me.

Blue the remaining part of my sanity that I hold on to, the innocence I portray to those worthy, those worth giving the trust to.

And Our souls craving attention;

The vibe we feel , the feelings we get
To represent an identity; such that would make you wonder why I turned to it,
Why I was led to have such an identity
Why I have such bright eyes which tend to have more to say than the person
Why I have mystery which entails in me
I’d like to be different to be characterised as my own breed , my own being , my own self.

I want to love….

I want to love

To understand the troubles that comes with loving

To love and be loved

To be kissed like it was my last

To be hugged like I wasn’t alone in this big empty world

To be embraced like I was all that there really was

Like I was all that mattered

Like I was the most important

To have the feeling of peace and faster heart beats when a presence is close

I want to be treated like I have a fair shot in life

Like all the the troubles and blues that I face now, alone, is all but a test

A test to find my true self

A test to know my self worth

And a test to find the happily ever after I so often seeked since a toddler

All I ask now is a fair chance to life

To have a moment

A moment where my sanity isn’t completely lost

A moment when I would feel

A moment when I actually become real

A moment I seek , a moment not to be heard, a moment not to come, a moment.

Black Dhalia

You should write a song where the concept is…You’re basically writing like a love letter, or like a piece of advice

To your mother, when she was your age……

I don’t know

Maybe I would write you a happy ending

I would rearrange the pieces to your sad beginning

I would put you far away from the decaying roots that bore you

And let you experience all the ways that happiness could bloom before you

Or maybe I’m naïve…

Maybe I’m just a kid who thought that if she could plant a seed

It would somehow grow inside you


Because, you are such a special thing

You’re not just my mom, but you’re the reason I exist

And the best life that you could’ve had for yourself without making a mistake

Would have meant I woulda had a nicer childhood

And even though my childhood wasn’t perfect and I still love you

I just want you to know that if I could go back do one thing for you

I would be one person for you

I would make sure, not just for my sake, but so that you could’ve had a nicer life

And a nicer childhood, that you know

You would not have made the mistakes that put us all in this bad situation

And not have the stress to leave

But just so that you would have been happier and stronger

Even if I didn’t exist, even it meant that I was never born

That’s what I would have wanted for you.

This is an extract from Angel haze – Black Dhalia.